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Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQs will be added as we all dive into this new process.

  1. Once I am eligible for online training am I limited to online training?​​  No, you are still invited to any face-to-face training offered.  Many teachers prefer to only participate in face-to-face training.

  2. What all is involved with online training?  Which training is best for me?                                          See this PDF for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  3. What happened to Compressed Training?  Compressed training is no longer offered.  Each face-to-face unit training has been set to a specific length.  There is no longer a full-length version (Summer Institute) and a shortened version (Compressed Training); there is only one version of face-to-face training per unit kit.

  4. Why do the unit trainings vary in length?  Each unit training is specific to the grade, training materials, and AL Course of Study objectives.  They are individualized to ensure that we are allowing enough time to deeply train the investigations.

  5. What if I can't attend the Foundational Training associated with my training location?  You can attend any Foundational Training at any location as long as you complete Foundational BEFORE your unit training.  We will be offering Foundational Training during May 2020 at our office to provide more availability to this pre-requisite.  AMSTI is not able to provide substitute reimbursement for this training.  Please confirm with your school or district administration prior to enrolling in May dates if you are unsure about substitute payment.

  6. What if I can't attend the kits in order?  The only specific order is: first complete Science Notebooks online, second complete Foundational Training, and third complete ANY unit kit for your grade level.  Once that is complete, you can piece your training together as you choose.

  7. Is there an expectation that I complete all of the training in 1 summer?  Not from AMSTI; however, check with your administration to see their expectations.  The new schedule allows for a lot of individualization.  You can:

    • finish it all face-to-face to receive all kits the very next school year

    • complete the rest online to receive all kits the very next school year

    • just take that one unit kit on a test drive until the next summer or academic year to finish up

    • choose that you only ever want to complete and receive certain kits, but don't ever want our complete set of kits for your grade level.

  8. What if I completed a Unit Training prior to this summer?  Does that count toward my online eligibility?  Yes.  If you were ever FULLY TRAINED (Year 1 and Year 2)​, then you are eligibility for online training without any additional face-to-face.  If you weren't fully trained, but completed Science Notebooks and at least one Unit Training (kit training) since summer 2016 (when the new course of study kits went live), you just need to attend Foundational Training to become eligible for online training. Remember online is an option; face-to-face is open to all teachers that are eligible for online.