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Phone: 251-665-4684     Fax: 251-665-4829

Karma Clarke
Site Director

Chasity Collier
Assistant Site Director

Susan Andress

Business Manager

Raphaella Archie

Math Specialist

Jennifer Fagerstrom

Math Specialist

Nicole Neron
Word Processing Specialist

Chelsea Bailey

Science Specialist

Rick Grove

Storekeeper I

Katina Odoms
Math Specialist


Rachel Broadhead
OGAP & Monday Liaison

Jim Kacmarzyk
Science Specialist

Kelly Robinson
PD Coordinator

Christine Sealy

Science Specialist

Candyce Tracy
Math Specialist

Not Pictured:

Gavin McNellage - Word Processing Specialist -

Jeremy Hyde - Storekeeper II

Hunter Parker - Storekeeper I

Nick Thomas - Storekeeper I

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